Beautiful Day

U2 has long been one of my favorite bands because of their music. The first music I owned on CD was The Unforgettable Fire. After I read Walk On The Spiritual Journey of U2 I had another reason to like them.

Thanks to my daughter Laura’s graduation at ACU I have a wonderful memory linked to a U2 song. Laura was one of about 600 students who graduated from ACU in May. I was blessed to be able to hood her during the commencement ceremony. At the completion of the ceremony (after singing The Lord Bless You and Keep You), we joyfully filed out of Moody Coliseum. As soon as we got outside we heard U2’s Beautiful Day blasting from speakers positioned all around the courtyard outside Moody.

I have heard the song several times since graduation and each time my mind goes back to that moment when we walked out of Moody.

Great song.

Great memory.