Macho rallying cries for Christian men?

For years I have been hearing coach-like rallying cries directed at Christian men. Cries that are loud, in-your-face, and macho. Cries like those you often hear yelled at a football game by coaches trying to get players “jacked up” for the big game.

And I wonder what effect these cries have on Christian men.

Do they lead men to humility, self-sacrifice, and a cruciform lifestyle?

Do they encourage men to get “jacked up” so they can “lead” by brute force?

I wonder which response is more likely.

My prayer is threefold —

May Jesus, Christ crucified, be the model for Christian husbands and fathers.

May the cross be a reminder of how we lay down our lives for those we love.

May Christian men be shaped more by the cross and less by the culture.

Taking Up The Cross Daily

“Let’s be honest: even sedentary, overweight people can eventually run a marathon–but getting to that point won’t be easy. In the same way, pleasure-loving, weak-willed Christians can be transformed to more accurately represent the risen and ascended Christ — but getting there takes a lot of effort and constant focus.

Perhaps this is why Jesus told us we must take up the cross daily. True transformation isn’t built on a onetime decision or on a spark of inspiration and motivation after attending a prayer meeting or reading a book. It’s built on consistent choices. Small events eventually create big characters.”

Gary Thomas in The Beautiful Fight, pages 201-202