A Prayer for Today

Prayer is powerful! I hear those words a lot. I say those words a lot. But I must confess, sometimes I forget what they mean. Prayer is nothing less than a great opportunity to converse with the creator of heaven and earth!

Many times when I get busy rushing through the demanding schedule of my day, I can easily lose sight of God’s presence in and involvement with my life. Instead of reacting to the stress of decisions by turning to God for guidance and answers, it’s easy to depend on my own reasoning and wisdom. Each time I do so, I miss the blessing of being in prayerful communion with God and I forfeit God’s wisdom.

Today, instead of merely “thinking things over” in my mind, I want to place them before God in prayer. Instead of worrying about decisions and plans for the future, I want to trust God to lead me. I know God wants to have a relationship with me, and that includes listening to me, even when I am stressed.

Father God,
Thank You for listening to my heart.
Provide guidance and peace for the day.
I love You, God.
I trust You, God.
Again, I thank You!
In Jesus’ name,