One of my goals on a recent spiritual retreat was to laugh. While at first glance that might not sound like much of a spiritual goal for a spiritual retreat, I want to assure you it was.

As an enneagram eight, I need to play, I need to laugh, I need to enjoy. As an enneagram eight, that play, laughter, and enjoyment don’t always happen spontaneously. The toy box warns, “Some assembly required.” The eight should come with a similar warning pertaining to play, “Some cultivation required.”

So I left for my retreat ready to cultivate some play time, some laughter. My laughter cultivation had one simple tool: Netflix.

My retreat was a complete success in that I laughed until my sides hurt. I watched one episode of a show I had never before seen, the episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee that featured Jim Carrey.

Laughter is good medicine. It’s about time for me to pull out the Netflix machine and watch another episode.

A Soul-Care Exercise

As a Jesus-follower I want a life of integrity. Yet it’s so easy to have a divided heart rather than one wholly God-devoted. A good soul-care exercise is to ask: Is the person I appear to be on the outside in harmony with who I am on the inside?  If not, I’m not living with integrity. Integrity means having an inner soul-richness that is as genuine as what I try to present to others.