Cindy McCain as Humanitarian

While I rarely post about political topics, this week I wanted to post a couple of stories that have caught my attention as the election draws near.

I recently read an article in The Washington Post about Cindy McCain, the wife of Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain. The article focused on her quiet humanitarian efforts that I never knew about until I read this piece by Michael Gershon.

Here’s how the article begins —

KIGALI, Rwanda — Cindy McCain’s first visit to this country, in 1994, was during the high season of roadblocks and machetes and shallow graves.

Following a call for help from Doctors Without Borders, McCain had assembled a medical team with the intention of setting up a mobile hospital in Rwanda. Arriving by private plane in mid-April, a couple of weeks into the massacres, she realized that the chaos made deploying her team impossible. At the airport, she paid for the use of a truck and set out for Goma in then-Zaire, where hundreds of thousands of refugees were also headed.

You can read the rest of the article here.