Burning Love

“Old habits are hard to break, and no one is easily weaned from his own opinions; but if you rely on your own reasoning and ability rather than on the virtue of submission to Jesus Christ, you will but seldom and slowly attain wisdom. For God wills that we become perfectly obedient to himself, and that we transcend mere reason on the wings of burning love for him.”
–Thomas a Kempis

Choosing, Pleasing, and Obedience

Without further comment I want to share a couple of quotes about obedience for servants of God.

They must not pick and choose: “This I will do and that I will not do.” They must not say, “This is too hard,” or “This is too mean,” or “This may be well enough let alone.” Good servants, when they have chosen their master, will let their master choose their work and will not dispute it.

Christ hath many services to be done. Some are more easy and honorable, others more difficult and disgraceful. Some are suitable to our inclinations and interests, others are contrary to both. In some we may please Christ and please ourselves. . . .But then there are other works wherein we cannot please Christ but by denying ourselves.

Richard Alleine in A Vindication of Godliness in the Greatest Strictness and Spirituality of It from the Imputations of Folly and Fancy: Together with Several Directions for the Attaining and Maintaining of a Godly Life,pages 211-212 and 215.