I’ve heard a lot of encouraging comments about a new movie entitled Fireproof. You may want to go with your family, or even arrange for your CORE Group to see this together.

You can check out movie listings in Jackson by clicking here. Note: you may need to change the date on the form provided on this link.

Check out the info below which includes a way to watch the trailer.

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Stranger Than Fiction

One of my favorite movies last year was Stranger than Fiction which starred Will Ferrell and Emma Thompson. If you have not seen the movie and are looking for something to watch that is not only entertaining but theologically stimulating, check it out.

Sharon Baker and Crystal Downing recently wrote about the movie in a piece for Christianity Today entitled, Theology is Stranger Than Fiction: The best film you didn’t see last year.

Was anyone else really surprised that a Will Ferrell (more cowbell!)movie could have such depth?