Slow Motion Miracles

One woman was abandoned as a child by her mother. Another woman was assaulted as a child by her mother. And there they were in the gathering yesterday for Table and Word.

They ate the sacred meal. They soaked up the message of Jesus.

And gathering by gathering, meal by meal, message by message, a slow motion miracle is taking place in their hearts, minds, and lives.

These woman have worked hard to break old family patterns. These women, by the grace and power of God, are living out their lives as loving mothers of children who will never experience the same kind of heartbreak and pain that their mothers experienced at the hands of their grandmothers.

It’s work, hard work. And it’s a miracle, a slow motion miracle, rolling out over a period of years.

Thanks be to God.

Saturday Links for June 5, 2010

Back in March David Brooks wrote an Op-Ed piece in The New York Times about Sandra Bullock’s month. He begins with these words:

“Two things happened to Sandra Bullock this month. First, she won an Academy Award for best actress. Then came the news reports claiming that her husband is an adulterous jerk. So the philosophic question of the day is: Would you take that as a deal? Would you exchange a tremendous professional triumph for a severe personal blow?”

The Sandra Bullock Trade just might make you think about life and priorities.

Also, you might enjoy reading or listening to NPR’s Do You Believe in Miracles? Most Americans Do. The information discussed is based on results of  a Pew Forum on Religion.