"I Counsel You"

I received this Stott quote by email and wanted to share it. These three words set off a chorus of praise in my heart!

“’I counsel you …’ (Rev. 3:18). Perhaps we could first observe that fact that we have a God who is content to give advice to his creatures. I can never read this verse without being strangely moved. He is the great God of the expanding universe. He has countless galaxies of stars at his fingertips. The heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain him. He is the Creator and sustainer of all things, the Lord God Almighty. He has the right to issue orders for us to obey. He prefers to give advice which we need not heed. He could command; he chooses to counsel. He respects the freedom with which he had ennobled us.”
–John R. Stott, from “What Christ Thinks of the Church” p. 119.