A Refreshing Appointment

The recent election cycle seemed especially negative. I know historians can point to other elections where candidates were more vicious in their attacks and the press more negative in their coverage. But to me, it seems every time I heard anything about the election it involved candidates (or their surrogates) attacking each other and pointing out all the things wrong with our nation.

One candidate would spew about what was wrong from his or her perspective. Then the other candidate would spout about what was wrong from his or her perspective. And after all the speeches and advertisements and interviews were over, chances are what sticks in your mind is what was wrong from every point of view.

And you begin to wonder if anything is good. Is there anything positive about our country?

Yesterday I experienced a refreshing reminder of one the positives about my nation and my community. We checked into the doctor’s office for an appointment. The first person we encountered on entering the building was a white male who in doing a great job helping people find their way in the massive building was overcoming a “disability” with every step. The receptionist was a self-proclaimed “country girl” who had moved to the city several years ago. The worker taking vital signs was a beautifully dark-skinned immigrant from Africa. The resident who was working with the primary physician was a beautifully pale-skinned woman with Scandinavian roots.

As we left the building I couldn’t help but think about how wonderful it is to live in a country and in a community where such diversity exists. The politicians do a great job of pointing out all that is wrong. Those people I encountered at the doctor’s office did a great job of pointing out something that is right and good.

How beautiful it is to see people from diverse backgrounds cooperatively working together.

On Spinners and Worship

It’s not so much that I don’t like the look of spinners. I think they are dangerous.

I mean, think about it, you are about to make a turn into traffic. You have to judge the speed of oncoming vehicles. If somebody has their spinners revved up you may think the car is going faster than it really is and avoid making your turn only to realize you had plenty of time had you not been deceived by the spinners.

But what if the spinners are moving slower than the actual speed of the wheels’ turning? Then you misjudge the speed of the oncoming car in what could end up being a very dangerous miscalculation. You get halfway into your turn and realize you are in big trouble as that car closes in on you.

Why all this talk of spinners?

Yesterday I saw something that just doesn’t make sense. No, I will go further than that, it just shouldn’t be allowed. If they are going to legalize spinners, then they at least ought to control them so that this never happens again.

Yesterday I saw spinners on a mini-van.

I have never owned a mini-van. I have never owned spinners. Sorry to brag like this, but it’s true. Now I understand some people feel they have no other choice than to buy a mini-van and some people, with taste very different from mine think spinners are appealing. But how in the world can you put the two together? Some things just do not go together. Two of those things are spinners and mini-vans.

Please, stop the madness! The next thing you know we will be having blended worship services. Hmmm, on second thought, perhaps I should learn to appreciate that blue Ford mini-van with the spinners. Next time I see it, I’m going to have a moment of silence to give thanks for diversity. In fact, maybe it’s time to test drive a mini-van. And where do they sell those spinners, anyway?