God Grew Tired of Us

Last week I heard a friend of mine had discovered what looked like an interesting movie (thanks Tina C). She and her husband were renting the DVD through Netflix. Since her description of the movie sounded interesting, Lourene stopped by Blockbuster and picked it up for us to watch, too.

God Grew Tired of Us is a fascinating account of the Lost Boys of the Sudan, telling their story of survival and the relocation of some of them to the USA. This movie touched me deeply. It provoked thought on so many levels. And so here I am asking you to watch the trailer (2:31) and consider renting the DVD and watching this remarkable story of hope.

Here’s the trailer.

Spectacular Video

Some of you may not have seen this video from some people on an African holiday at Kruger National Park in Africa. It was posted on YouTube in May of 2007. Since then it has been viewed 34,462,004 times. If you take about eight and one half minutes to watch it, you will know why so many have watched.

The stars of the video are buffalo, lions, and a crocodile.

For those looking for an inspirational lesson, there are lessons here about the value of community, the danger of being isolated, and the need to rescue those who have been ensnared by the enemy.

For those who just want to watch an amazing battle among some of God’s creatures. There’s plenty for you, too. Sit back and enjoy, but watch closely– there is more than one plot twist!

Now for the disclaimer: if nature violence (animals attacking one another) offends you, do not watch this. Also, the language the tourists use is not what I would have chosen to use, but what I have come to expect to overhear at any event in which you rub shoulders with the public.