Roof-top vision

“…but God has shown me that I should not call anyone profane or unclean” (Acts 10:28). Peter had always known who it was proper to associate with and who he needed to avoid. He knew better than to visit with one of “those people,” which to Peter meant, Gentiles, or more broadly, non-Jews. But in this passage everything changes. There is a roof-top vision. There is a messenger from God. There are guests arriving with an invitation to visit from one of “those people.” And God makes it clear, Peter is not to consider anyone unclean or profane anymore. There is no more “us” versus “them.” And as I read this passage I think of the people I grew up believing were “those people.” We didn’t use religious language like “unclean,” but we had words for them. God has taught me, just as he taught Peter, not to consider anyone unclean. Have you had an opportunity recently to open up your heart, life, and home to someone you at one time considered unclean?

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