Times of refreshing

“…at the hour of prayer…” (Acts 3:1). The first church members we see in Acts seem to have continued their pre-Christian practice of keeping prayer hours. As I read this phrase I am reminded of the need to be devoted to prayer, allowing times of prayer to be like a support (think “trellis”) for shaping my life through the day. When are your regular times of prayer?

“…times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord…” (Acts 3:20). As I read that phrase I began thinking of times when being in the presence of God had refreshed my soul. Sometimes, like in Acts 3, it came when I repented from sin and turned to God. Sometimes it was when I experienced the presence of God in nature, or in the midst of my fellow believers, or in the quiet stillness of solitude. When have you experienced the refreshing of the Lord?

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