What Kind of Christian?

So I was introduced to someone the other day and after some small talk the ensuing conversation led me to identify myself as a Christian.

Normally I would self-identify as “a Jesus follower” rather than as “a Christian,” but the conversation path led to my saying, “I am a Christian.”

Immediately I was asked, “Well, what kind of Christian? Are you a ‘hate-Christian’ or a ‘love-Christian?'”

I am not exactly sure how I replied because I was so shaken by the question. I’m pretty sure I responded with something about Jesus saying that his followers are known by love, but I can’t be certain it made much sense.

I just kept thinking, “This is what it has come to? Really?”

A few days have passed and I am still frustrated at the current reality. But after some reflection, I am more concerned about being able to authentically claim to be “a love-Christian” in an age where people are very familiar with “hate-Christians.”

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