A Surpassing Unity

Many times I have focused more on what separates me from other Christians than on what unites us. Several years ago I began to realize that if I let something destroy unity in the church or between me and another follower of Jesus, I am elevating that something to a greater level of importance than that of the things that unite us (or the One who unites us).

So with that bit of explanation, perhaps you can see why this quote from Garry Friesen captured my interest: “We begin by affirming that our unity in faith, grace, truth, and in our Lord Jesus is greater than our differences on this topic.” (This quote is from his presentation of “The Wisdom View” in How Should We Then Choose? Three views on God’s Will and Decision Making).

The next time I feel the bonds of fellowship straining, I want to ask myself a simple question: Is that which is threatening fellowship of greater importance than that which bonds us together?

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