Appreciating God for God

My wife recently shared this prayer with me.


“Lord, you’re the most unpredictable person I know.  Just when I think I’ve finally begun to figure you  out, you do something so fantastic, so completely, wildly unexpected that I’m knocked for a loop.

I think I know where to find you and then I suddenly find you in the most unlikely places; at the oddest moments; in the strangest people.

I think I know your voice; and then I hear you in a child’s crooning lullaby; in an old man’s chuckles; in a lover’s sigh.

I think I know your face; and then I see you in a psychiatric ward; in a jam-packed tenement; in the streets, wandering aimlessly.

I think I know you well; and then I discover I know you not at all.

I think I know your love; and then I discover I haven’t begun to know it.

Thank you, Lord, for being unpredictable.  Thank you for startling me out of my comfortable rut.  Continue teaching me that you’re a God of infinite surprises.”

–Sue Garmon

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