Praying through the Story

O Lord our God,

May Your name be praised.
May You be exalted above all.
May You be praised!

You have created for us.
You have chosen us.
You have given us fresh starts.
You have delivered us.
You have taken us places.
You have always kept Your promises.
You have seen our misery.
You have heard our cries.
You have parted waters for us.
You have defeated our enemies.
You have led us, day and night.
You have come down and lived among us.
You have spoken to us to instruct and command us.
You have provided our needs.
You have invited us to enjoy generous blessings.

We have been proud.
We have been stubborn.
We have ignored Your instructions.
We have refused to listen to You.
We have forgotten the ways You have blessed us.
We have been bull-headed and defiant toward You.

And still…
You forgive.
You offer mercy and grace.
You are slow to get angry with us.
You are generous with Your love.
You refuse to abandon us.
You continue to lead us, day and night.
You send Your Spirit to us.
You continue to provide our needs.
You provide for us, bless us, and multiply us.
You subdue our enemies.
You pour out blessings on us.

We disobey.
We rebel.
We turn our backs on You.
We reject Your messengers.
We are bull-headed and defiant.

And so…
You let us turn from You.
You watch as we suffer at the hand of our enemies.

But then…
You see and hear our condition.
You respond with mercy.
You liberate us.

And again…
We immediately forget You.
We refuse Your direction and help.
We suffer.
We cry out

And again…
You see and hear.
You respond with mercy.
You rescue us.

We are slow to learn.
We refuse to follow.
We stubbornly rebel.
We are faced with the consequences.
We are faced with what we deserve.

Great and Mighty God…
Awesome God…
O God who makes and keeps promises…
Your mercy and grace are as consistent as our sin.

Can we stop this roller coaster?
Can we break this cycle?
Thank You, merciful God for intervening.

As we review our story with You,
May we be moved to repent, confess, and change our behavior.

We pray in Jesus’ name,

**this prayer was inspired by Nehemiah 9


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