Praying with Expectation

O God,

We come before you with reverential fear and respect.
We understand–as best we can–Your magnificence.
We grasp–as much as is possible–Your glory.

We come before You with appreciation.
We acknowledge You as our creator and sustainer.
We acknowledge how You gift us to prepare us for kingdom work.
We acknowledge how You join our hearts as Together we serve.

We come before You with expectation.
For You are magnificent.
You are glorious.
You are creator and sustainer.
You are giver of gifts.
You are the source of unity.
And You lay matters on our hearts.

With respect for who You are
and appreciation for how You work
We gather with expectation that
You will shape our identity
and mold us into Your image.

Help us find our place in your kingdom mission.
Help us appreciate the gifts You have given us
and the gifts You have given others.

Help us pull together–
All of us, even those who at some point
lost their identity and lost their way.

Help us settle into
kingdom work,
kingdom living, and
kingdom mission.

And may You be at the center of our faith community.

We pray in Jesus’ name,


**this prayer was inspired by Nehemiah 7


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