Praying in the Face of Repeated Challenges

O God, Our Refuge and Shield,

It seems they never stop…
Spreading slanderous accusations
Assigning to us sinister motives
Twisting our words
Intimidating with stares and messages.

We know what they are trying to do…
Discredit us
Discredit You
Sidetrack us
Slow Your work.

Help us stay focused.
Help us be consistent.
Help us walk with You.

We need discernment…
to know who is crying out with real needs
and who is just trying to get us off course.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference…
between real needs
and mere distractions.

So show us the way, O God.

Stir our hearts…
deliver us from being content
with being satisfied with church
that accomplishes reasonable projects
and raise us a people who will be satisfied
with nothing less than victories
that can only be explained by Your presence.

The days are passing quickly…
and like those who built that wall
we want to build something to honor You.

Let us stay focused.
Let us stay consistent.
Let us face the repeated challenges.

We pray in Jesus’ name,

**this prayer was inspired by Nehemiah 6.

One thought on “Praying in the Face of Repeated Challenges

  1. Another beautiful prayer. I can so especially relate to the line, “Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference…between real needs and mere distractions.” How true!

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