A Prayer for Focus

**this prayer was inspired by Nehemiah 4.

O God, Our Great and Awesome Master,

What a gift of Your love and grace it is to call on You
and to call on You with confidence
knowing You hear us
and more, that You want to hear us.

And when opposition comes
and we don’t know what to do
where to go
how to survive…
we cry out to You.

We confess that sometimes we want to quit–
just give up and quit.
Work is difficult.
Walls and churches are not rebuilt overnight.
The rubble is sometimes deep.
The sarcastic voices of the critics are discouraging.

We confess that sometimes we want relief
from the opposition
and the approval of the ungodly
more than we want You.
And so to silence the critics we will
give up the work to which You have called us.

Forgive us, O God.
and light the fire in our hearts.
Revive those who are tired.
Renew the hearts of those who are discouraged
and take care of those who mock, criticize, and oppose.
We trust You to handle them
so that we are not distracted from You and our ministry
by their threats.

You are faithful to us, O God.
We want to be faithful to You.

We pray in Jesus’ name,

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