Heard the Negative Stats about Christians?

Last week I received my copy of Christians Are Hate-Filled Hypocrites…and Other Lies You’ve Been Told by Bradley R. E. Wright, PhD.

I want to share with you how Wright begins chapter one. If this resonates with you, you might want to get a copy and read his findings.

“You may have herd the bad news about Christianity in America: The church is shrinking; Christians get divorced more than anyone else; non-Christians have a very low opinion of Christians; and on and on it goes. This disheartening news is often given to us in the form of statistics, which we seem to encounter everywhere. We find them in sermons, articles, books, and day-to-day conversation; and these numbers, based in research, seem official and trustworthy.

But there is a hitch.

Many of the statistics currently bandied about regarding the Christian faith in the United States are incomplete, inaccurate, and otherwise prone to emphasize the negative. Bad news has pushed aside the good news about the Good News.”

The first example Wright examines involves a provocative headline: “Only prostitutes rank lower than evangelicals in terms of respect in the mind of the public.” Having skimmed through the book, I can tell you this is but the first of many examples Wright examines in this book that shatters many of the myths created by both secular and Christin media.

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