Two Approaches to Prayer

I have been re-reading Philip Yancey’s book, Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference. Here is a quote about two different approaches to prayer that I hope you will enjoy.

“A Japanese Christian told me that on his first trip to the United States he was shocked by the directness of our prayers. The American pray-er, he said, resembles a person who goes to Burger King and orders “a Whopper well-done, but hold the pickle and lettuce–with extra ketchup, please.” The Japanese is more like the tourist who walks into a foreign restaurant unable to read the menu. He finally communicates, with gestures and reference to a phrase book, that he would like the house specialty. That Eastern approach to prayer, suggests my friend, involves more trust, as well as more suspense and adventure. You never know what you will get, for the host determines it. Both cultures have something to learn from each other about making requests in prayer” (page 107).

2 thoughts on “Two Approaches to Prayer

  1. With some books on prayer the parts are better than the whole. With this book, the parts are good, and the whole is even better!

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