A Time of Transition

Several months ago Lourene and I began a search for a new ministry opportunity. The search was triggered not because of a moral failure. It was not started as a result of a doctrinal disagreement or some other blow up at the church where I was serving. We were not leaving because we were mad at anyone, nor were we being chased out of town.

So why the move? Lourene and I, after a season of prayer, believed our current ministry had been completed and we were being led to a new ministry opportunity. This whole process may have you asking questions as to how all that worked. I can only tell you that we were, and are, convinced this is the path God wanted us to take.

So we said goodbye to the church that had been our home for nearly 13 years. That was a difficult process because we look back on those years and that church with thanksgiving to God.

And we said hello to an adventure of faith that would last about six months as we searched for a new ministry opportunity. Along the way we met some wonderful people and saw God at work in some big and bold ways through the ministry of a number of churches. We enjoyed fellowship with some of the most devoted shepherds we have ever seen. We saw vibrant children’s ministry. We experienced worship being led by gifted ministers. We witnessed a devotion to ministry to the poor and homeless that we didn’t know existed. We made some new friends and renewed a couple of old friendships.

And we prayed.

And God answered in leading us to the Lafayette Church of Christ in Ballwin, MO (located in west St. Louis County).

For the last five weeks we have been getting acquainted with people. We have been schooled in what Christian hospitality looks like. We have listened to stories of faith. We have seen demonstrations of faith, hope, and love before our very eyes.

Yes, God has answered our prayers in a very gracious way that exceeded anything we could ask or imagine. We are so grateful for our new church home and the ministry opportunity provided.

We entered a new phase of the transition process last Friday night about 6:00 p.m. when Lourene and I finally finished getting my office set up.

But this transition is still in progress. We are running back and forth between St. Louis and Jackson. We are still seeking to sell our house. Lourene is interviewing for various job opportunities.

Throughout this process we have been blessed by the encouragement of our family and friends. We have been blessed by the presence of God who is walking with us every step of the way.

And we continue to pray.

7 thoughts on “A Time of Transition

  1. Proud of you and Lourene. As I told you – you helped our transition from Memphis to Jackson by being here. May God bless you as you continue to serve Him. Love, Rebecca

  2. Thanks, Rebecca. You are such a blessing to the Skyline church! We enjoyed seeing you guys at the Cardinals game. Hope to see you again soon!

  3. Watching you two — how you listen to Him, trust Him, follow Him, and simply take the next step He asks you to take even when you can’t see the ground beneath your feet– encourages me beyond description. Watching Him — how He leads you, teaches you, sends His people into your lives at just the right moment — makes me love Him even more. Thanks for letting me see your faith and His faithfulness. Love you, brother!

  4. We will miss you, Neighbor. Good luck with the sale of the house. And may God bless you and Lourene in your new ministry to Cardinal fans. . .

  5. Vicki, God has blessed us beyond belief in our years of ministry. We love you, your family, and Skyline!

    Thanks, Tommy! We are hoping you get some new neighbors soon! We are tired of living here and there! One thing is for sure, Cardinal fever is easy to catch!

  6. You and Lourene truly inspire James and me. May God bless you and this next adventure. We are in Hilton Head South Carolina.

  7. I’m thankful that you and Lourene are here, Bob. I pray that the Lord bless your time and service at Lafayette as well as we, at Lafayette, in turn bless you all.

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