Corinth or South Jersey?

The goings-on at Corinth still grab my attention every time I give 1 Corinthinas even a passing glance.

  • There are quarrels among you (1:11)
  • There is jealousy and quarreling among you (3:3)
  • One brother “goes to law” against another (6:6)

The relationship issues in the Corinthian church ran deep, so deep that their assemblies were affected. At one point Paul even says, “…your meetings do more harm than good” (11:17).

So I am not naive when it comes to realizing that sometimes Christians go to battle with one another.

But I was still not ready for the headline I saw today —

Two stabbed fatally at Pennsauken baptism party

Stabbing at a baptism party?

The scene was South Jersey, not Corinth, but the problem was the same. Division. Quarreling. Fights. What should have been a scene of celebration became a crime scene of violent anger and stabbings. What should have been a time of unity became a time of fighting to the death.

When I read this stuff I want to point an accusing finger.

When I read this I find it easy to pass judgment.

When I read this stuff I want to feel so superior.

But the real story for me is not in Corinth or South Jersey. The real story for me is in my head. And in my heart. And in my relationships. And in my church. And in my house. And in my car. And when my phone rings. And….

Truth is, I can  quickly turn something beautiful into something  ugly. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think so. Have you ever turned something beautiful into a mess?

So the next time we go to witness and celebrate a baptism, let’s leave our knives at home.

2 thoughts on “Corinth or South Jersey?

  1. Oh, how we all can bring shame on Jesus, submitting him to humiliation over and over again because of our actions! (cf. Heb. 6:6)

    Thanks Bob for reminding me, I too can bring shame to Christ by my words, actions, and interactions!

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