Write Your Story

reflections on Luke 1:1-4

Luke was not the first to write the story of Jesus. In fact, there were many accounts floating around, many of them based on descriptions shared by eyewitnesses. But Luke wanted people to have a sense of certainty about what they had been taught about Jesus.  So he carefully investigated everything and carefully wrote his account of the story.

Today there are many stories about Jesus floating around. Aloof Jesus. Irrelevant Jesus. Domineering Jesus. Hateful Jesus. Genie Jesus. Insensitive Jesus. Golden Jesus.

Do we share Luke’s concern that people meet the real Jesus?

Are we willing to carefully read the story? Are we willing to carefully write our story about Jesus?

Truth is, whether I want to admit it or not, I am writing my story about Jesus every day. And so are you.

We write with our lives. Each encounter we have with people communicates to them our story of Jesus. Christians wear the name of Jesus. So what people see in us they attribute to Jesus. People form their understanding of Jesus by watching people who wear the name of Jesus. That means we need to carefully read the story. We need to carefully write our story — so they might see Jesus. Real Jesus. Caring Jesus. Listening Jesus. Reaching Jesus. Touching Jesus. Healing Jesus. Compassionate Jesus. Bold Jesus. Praying Jesus. Tender Jesus. Crying Jesus. Crucified Jesus. Resurrected Jesus.

People are looking. People are searching.

Write your story.

Let them see Jesus.

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