Pausing to Worship

Our Heavenly Father,

The days are so busy–
they always are this time of year.
The season from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day
seems like a time-warp.
Weeks seem like days.  

We shop.
We celebrate.
We party.
We travel.
We entertain. 

In the midst of it all,
we pause to worship You
on the first day of the week —
giving You the firstfruits of our week. 

We need this time to gather.
We need this time to worship.
We need this time with You.
We need this time for perspective. 

We need to sing.
We need to pray.
We need to comfort.
We need to encourage.
We need to commune.
We need to hear from You. 

So bring us Together, O God,

In Your name,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Prepare our hearts for worship.
 In Jesus’ name,

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