Over Our Heads

a reflective prayer based on Romans 11:33-36

God our Father,

We are in over our heads with You.
Your wisdom is rich.
Well, God, our words just fail us.
We don’t have the words
to adequately express the depth of Your wisdom.
So we say, “rich.”

Your judgments,
the way You work with all of us —
well, that’s over our heads, too.
We see only the outward appearance.
You see the heart’s inner workings.
We see outward Jew and Gentile.
You see circumcision of the heart.
You see inward Jews.
Jews of the heart.

And so not all Jews are really Jews.
Some Jews are really Gentiles.
And some Gentiles are really Jews.
But not all Jews have rejected You.
You, and You alone know how to sort all this out.
We do not.
We get confused just thinking about it.

While this is all over our heads,
we do understand that You are calling us to unite.
To come Together as one body.

Forgive us when we claim to
have You all figured out.
Forgive us when we reduce You to
a neatly packaged formula.
Forgive us when we want to give You counsel.

Help us trust You more.
Help us listen more.
Help us worship more.

Because all glory belongs to You.

In Jesus’ name,

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