Longing for God and God’s People

a reflective prayer based on Romans 1:8-17

God our Father,

We marvel at Your Triune nature.
Three in one.
God as Father, Son, and Spirit.
Perfect unity.

And we hear Your call to be one–
To greet one another
To accept one another
To bear with one another
To love one another.

And we see Your apostle Paul’s
relationship with his brothers and sisters at Rome —
Yearning for the companionship
Thanking You for their faith
Expecting mutual encouragement
Longing to share the Good News with them.

And we are reminded of Sunday —
our study time
our worship time
our fellowship time.
Time to be Together.
Time to be with You.
Time to be with our brothers and sisters.

We long to be Together, God!
Bring us Together Sunday.
And may our worship be from the depths of our hearts.

In Jesus’ name,

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