Macho rallying cries for Christian men?

For years I have been hearing coach-like rallying cries directed at Christian men. Cries that are loud, in-your-face, and macho. Cries like those you often hear yelled at a football game by coaches trying to get players “jacked up” for the big game.

And I wonder what effect these cries have on Christian men.

Do they lead men to humility, self-sacrifice, and a cruciform lifestyle?

Do they encourage men to get “jacked up” so they can “lead” by brute force?

I wonder which response is more likely.

My prayer is threefold —

May Jesus, Christ crucified, be the model for Christian husbands and fathers.

May the cross be a reminder of how we lay down our lives for those we love.

May Christian men be shaped more by the cross and less by the culture.

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