Preparing for Worship

Gracious Father,

I confess that many times I enter Your house and join Your people with a heart that lacks wonder. I take it all for granted.
Forgive me!

Help me to see the wonder of Your church. May I see Your church as a miracle of Your grace. May I never get accustomed to my blessings as a part of Your family, Your people.

Help me to realize that Your church is much bigger than the assembly in which I fellowship. May I see how wide You love is!

Grant, O Lord, that I shall add to the vitality of the church and not be a hindrance to the work of Your Spirit. May I see the great variety You have put into Your church, and may I not be afraid of encountering something new.

I pray in Jesus’ Name,

–Warren Wiersbe in Real Worship, p. 93.

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