A Prayer for Sunday

God of Wonders,

As we prepare for Sunday’s worship gathering
We are wondering…

Who will we get to encourage?
Will we cross paths with someone new?
What opportunities to greet and love will You provide?

What surprises do You have in store?
Will You work through the familiar and routine to bless us?

Will we be comforted or convicted by Your word?
How will we come to know You better through Your word?
Will a particular hymn or song vault us into Your presence?
What prayer will be on our hearts as we commune with You and our church family?

What are the distractions that we will face?
What will You teach us through these distractions?
How will You shape us? Mold us? Prepare us?

We wonder, O God, how You love us so…

We wonder, O God, why You bother even calling us into Your presence…

We wonder when we will be like You: gracious, loving, forgiving…

As we prepare for Sunday we are wondering about a lot of things, God.

But one thing we know…we long to be with our church family in Your presence.

O God, call us Together!

In Jesus’ name,

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