A Prayer for Sunday

Great God our Father,

We are thankful for Your presence each day.
You walk with us.
You talk with us.
You allow us to be Your friends.

You call Your children to be One —
To walk Together.
To talk Together.
To worship Together.

And Sunday we will be Together.
To worship You.
To praise You.
To give You honor.

Forgive us, Lord God, when we become self-absorbed.
When we claim every day as our own.

May we see Your glory —
So that we will long for our time Together.
May we be in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day —
That we may give You the first-fruits.

As we prepare for the Lord’s Day,
We proclaim You as Lord.
We proclaim You as worthy.
We proclaim You as Almighty God.

Bring Your Skyline Family Together Sunday.

In the name of the one who ascended to You,

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