The 100 Pound Phone

Romans 12:18 NLT
“Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone.”

Years ago I picked up an expression I first heard from a friend of mine. “Pick up that 100 pound phone and call me if you need something.”

What is “the 100 pound phone?” Some of you may be thinking about those early-edition cell phones that you needed a suitcase to carry around. But this expression is not about a phone that literally weighs 100 pounds. It’s about how hard it is to pick up a phone and call someone when you need help. It really is like the phone is so heavy we can’t begin to pick it up.

So have you ever needed to pick up a 100 pound phone?

  • To ask someone to pray for you?
  • To clear up a minunderstanding?
  • To clarify something you didn’t understand?
  • To confess a sin?
  • To express hurt?
  • To tell someone you are sorry?
  • To get immediate help to fight temptation?
  • To speak a word of encouragement?
  • To arrange a meeting to work out a conflict?

What are you waiting for? Pick up that 100 pound phone and make the call!

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