An Evening of Giving Thanks

On Sunday, December 7 the Skyline church celebrating “An Evening of Giving Thanks.” Included in this special program was an interview with Josh and Cristen whose home was destroyed by a tornado, a video of children expressing their thanks, a couple of heartfelt songs and prayers, and Skyline’s version of “Cardboard Testimonies.”

Here is the video from that evening of Cardboard Testimonies. It begins with a brief song to prepare your mind and heart for what you about to see, then the testimonies begin, with each person sharing a testimony of what God has done in his or her life. And it concludes with another song to allow you time to consider what your “cardboard testimony” would be.

Special thanks to the Zoe Group for permission to use these songs. The music of the Zoe Group has been and continues to be a tremendous blessing to our church family at Skyline. Please visit their website to purchase the music. All 13 of their albums are now available as MP3 downloads. Thanks again, Zoe!

Here’s the video —

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