The Gift of Tongues

Every time I am in Panama I think how wonderful it would be to receive from God the gift of tongues. I would love to be able to teach and encourage my brothers and sisters without having to depend on a translator (though I am very thankful for the translators who have blessed my ministry).

The following (which I received from a friend) kind of captures how helpless I sometimes feel.

A man was driving across the southwest USA when his car just quit. He popped open the hood of the car and started looking around. A hispanic family pulled up behind him to see if he needed any help. The man could not speak Spanish, but he knew one Spanish phrase that he layed on them. “Mi toca de discos esta disconpuesto” (My record player is broken). The hispanic family looked at each other in bewilderment and layed their only English phrase on the man, “Merry Christmas.”

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