A Time for Repentance

Here is a list that might help you have a time of repentance in your life.

I repent of the times when:

  • I didn’t honor myself and God’s gift within me.
  • I saw others as a means to an end and not as God’s Beloved.
  • I spent too much money on myself and didn’t share. I was cut off from gospel values.
  • I judges others and even demonized them. I enjoyed telling my friends what bad people others were. I watered and fertilized resentment and enjoyed doing it.
  • I cared more about being right than about another’s feelings.
  • I refused to face up to my part in misunderstandings.
  • I pushed some to the margins of society.
  • I was cold or uncaring; I turned away from another’s pain or gave them only cliches for comfort.
  • I took control; I took the spotlight; I took the highest chair.
  • I saw evil, but I didn’t let myself speak up.
  • I became cynical and spent, with no desire to move out of my condition.
  • I refused, out of fear, to get involved when I could have helped.
  • I just forgot about people who needed me to say even a word, send a card, or make a call. I was too busy.

from Healing Troubled Hearts by Lyn Holley Doucet, pages 87-88

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