To Know Love

Last week I saw numerous street people in downtown Panama City, Panama. I thought of this story about the compassion of Mother Teresa.


“Mother Teresa of Calcutta has a dream — that before they die all people will know that they are loved. She devotes her life to making this dream a reality.

She tells a story of walking past an open door and catching a glimpse of something moving in it. She investigated and found a dying man whom she took back to a home where he could die in love and peace.

‘I live like an animal in the streets,’ the man told her. ‘Now I will die like an angel.’

‘How wonderful to see a person die in love,’ she exclaims, with the joy of love, the perfect peace of Christ on his face.'”

–From Words to Love by Mother Teresa


Dear God,
Open my eyes.
Open my heart.
Let me see them.
Let me care.
Fill me with Your compassion.
Fill me with Your love.
In Jesus’ name,

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