Historical Sermon: The Mind of Christ

For years I had heard about a sermon preached by John Scott for the Church of Christ at White Station in Memphis. The sermon, entitled “The Mind of Christ” was preached on April 14, 1968. To put that in its historical context, remember that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in Memphis just days earlier on April 4.

This week I ran across the sermon in written form on the website of The Church of Christ at White Station. I encourage you to click the link and take time to read this historical sermon, The Mind of Christ.

Sermons on social justice are almost trendy now, but I have to believe that was not the case in 1968. But that did not prevent Scott from delivering this sermon. Scott was not afraid to boldly address the treatment of those belonging to the Negro race in general and garbage collectors in particular. The sermon seeks to apply the mind and teachings of Jesus to a community torn apart by racial polarization, a strike, an assassination, and the ensuing riots.

Thank God for the boldness of John Scott.

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