Pardon The Interruption

One of my favorite television programs is Pardon The Interruption which airs weekdays on ESPN. I tape the show everyday and rarely miss an episode. I have found that watching the banter between co-hosts Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser is a great way to relax.

While they often have serious discussions about great issues of our society that are brought to the forefront by sports, they are often just silly. Consider the following exchange between the two:

Mike: Pardon the interruption but I’m Mike Wilbon. Tony, you’ve lost a lot of weight since the show started. Are you on the juice?
Tony: I’m Tony Kornheiser. Yep, PRUNE JUICE!
Mike: Not that kind of juice, you dope!
Tony: Freshly-squeezed and by the gallon!

One the of best segments is the weekly “Role-play” where the guys pretend to speak for some important figure in sports.

Here’s a clip of Tony Kornheiser as Uno the beagle.

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