Country Music Half-Marathon

Well, it’s that time of year again, time for the 13.1 miles of fun that is the Country Music Half-Marathon. I’m especially looking forward to two things: crossing the finish line and eating a Whopper with cheese while riding home in the car.

Several (I think about a dozen) from my home church are participating this year. I have decided that as their minister I should probably stay behind everyone else so that I can help any of them should they have a sudden spiritual need. I will have to fight the urge to just blaze through the course.

If you are familiar with Nashville, you might enjoy looking at the course map. Last year there were a lot of good bands playing. I especially enjoyed the praise band from Belmont church.

The weather forecast has me a little concerned. First, there is a chance for rain, which cools things off but greatly increases the likelihood of blisters. Second, the temperature will likely be in the mid-fifties when the race begins. This makes it tough on me since I usually run about 5:00 AM and it has been very cool in the early morning hours. Personally I would much rather run in 20 degree weather than 50 degree weather.

But it’s time to quit my whining and finish getting ready for the fun.What’s my goal? Simple. I want to finish.

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