A Prayer for Times of Upheaval

Dear Lord,

I believe You are a sovereign God,
Creator of the heavens and the earth.

I believe You are ruler of the universe
and Lord of the landscape of my life.
However small a parcel of ground
that is within Your universe,
it is still within Your universe,
and still under Your watchful eye.

I believe You know what happens there,
and that You care what happens there,
especially in times of upheaval.

I believe You are good,
and work all things for Good
to those who love You
and are called according to Your purpose.

I believe You are all-powerful,
and that You make everything beautiful in its time.

All these things, I believe, Lord.
Help my unbelief.

from Life As We Would Want It. . .Life As We Are Given It
by Ken Gire, pages 9-10

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