Dancing Tastebuds

Today I was in the produce section in Kroger when I saw an odd package of apples. I read the label and found they were grapples — that’s pronounced grape – l. It looks like an apple, but tastes like a grape. I popped open the package and smelled the grapple. Wow, the unmistakable aroma of grape filled my nostrils.

So I picked up a four pack and took it home. As soon as I got home I washed off a grapple and took a big bite. My mouth was filled with the amazing flavor of grape and apple. Immediately my taste buds began to dance. Wow, these things are really good.

The Grapple website describes the process of how they are made.

Grāpple® brand apples begin either as Washington Extra Fancy Gala or Fuji Apples, depending upon the season. These “premium apples” are the ones that take on the grape flavor best. This Patent Pending process is complex and the ingredient mix primarily includes concentrated grape flavor and pure water. All ingredients are USDA and FDA approved and the process has been licensed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

There is nothing but flavor being infused into the apple. A relaxing bathing process prepares our apples for you or your kids. The apple takes on no additional sugars or calories. They are not genetically altered in any way. The apple is as healthy as ever but now has the new exciting grape flavor.

If you are looking for a great new snack food and love the flavor of apples and grapes, pick up a package and try them out!

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