God on the Throne

If you have not read the three previous posts, I would encourage you to do so before reading this post.

Our lives are often full of attempts to assert our power and put God under our control. So we put “God in a Box” confining Him to what we are able to intellectually understand. Or we put “God in a Bottle,” acknowledging His power, but maintaining control over Him by thinking we can make Him obey our wishes. Or we put “God on a Leash,” walking around with God on display, so as to draw attention to ourselves, using God for our purposes, and in the process making ourselves look better than what we are.

What I need to do is accept “God on the Throne” as all-knowing, all-loving, eternal, ever-present, and all-powerful. I need to let God be God and stop trying to control Him. I need to allow Him to work in ways I don’t understand, in ways that make me uncomfortable, in ways that make no sense to me. Or put another way, I need to acknowledge that God can and will do whatever He wants to do, whether I understand it or like it.

God knows more than I know. I am convinced that there have been times when I have boldly prayed for something, only to have God say “no,” and that God’s negative answer spared me from something I couldn’t begin to foresee. My questions about prayer have changed from — “Why did God answer my prayer the way He did (with a “yes” or a “no”); to — “Does the God I believe in know more than me, is He truly loving, and do I trust Him, even if His answer is different from what I want?”

If I have “God in a Box,” then I will have difficulty ever accepting that God’s ways are higher than my ways. If I have “God in a Bottle,” then I will have difficulty ever accepting God’s will might be different from my own. If I have “God on a Leash” then I will have difficulty with how it makes me look whenever God doesn’t do exactly what I have asked Him to do.

Accepting “God on the Throne” means recognizing God can do whatever He wants and He is not subject to me and my wishes or whims, no matter how well-intentioned, noble, or spiritual they may seem to me. Accepting “God on the Throne” allows God to do whatever He wants, whenever he wants. Accepting “God on the Throne” means I accept God, as is, without trying to alter Him or make Him over in my image. Accepting “God on the Throne” means I accept God’s uncontrollable “wildness” without trying to “tame” or “domesticate” Him.

I cannot subdue God. I cannot control God. I cannot subject God. I cannot reduce God. I cannot solve God. And if I could do any of these things, what kind of God would He be? The way I pray teaches me a lot about who I believe God is. It can teach me that I believe God is all-powerful and loving. It can teach me that I believe God is boxed, bottled, or leashed. It can also teach me that I believe in a “God on the Throne” who is both transcendent and sovereign.

Holy God and Father,
There is none like You.
I love You, worship You, adore You.
And God, I trust You.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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