When Brothers Fight

The early reporting from the grisly mass murder scene in Memphis was shocking, even to a hardened city where murder is an everyday occurrence. Six were dead — including two children. Two other children had survived, but with serious injuries.

“The Lester Street murders” as the incident became known, was called one of the worst violent crimes in Memphis history.

The community was as full of questions as it was fear. Was a mass-murderer roaming free in their neighborhood? How could anyone commit such a heinous crime? What kind of animal did this? What kind of future is in store for the surviving children?

A few days later a news conference was announced. The stage was filled with officers from several divisions of law enforcement agencies. The announcement the community had been hoping for was made — a suspect had been arrested in the Lester Street murders.

Who was this animal, this vicious murderer?

The brother. That’s right, the brother of one of the adult victims had been arrested and charged with the murders.

While details of the story continue to unfold, this much seems sure. The brothers had a long history of fighting. They had been fighting throughout the day. The fight concluded with brother killing brother and then killing others, people who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, in an attempt to cover his crime.

Two brothers fight. The fighting escalates over time. One brother is dead. The other brother is responsible. And several people who were caught in the middle of two brothers fighting it out end up dead.

That’s what happens when brothers fight.

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