The Catch-er

You saw the catch, now meet the catch-er.

Various names have been given to the amazing catch made by David Tyree in the Super Bowl. Since Eli Manning slipped away from what looked like a sure sack on the play and then Tyree gripped the ball using the side of his helmet it has been called “the Slip and Grip.” Eveyone I have heard commenting on the game has called it “the greatest catch in Super Bowl history.”
You have seen the catch, and will continue to see it every year as Super Bowl highlights are shown. You know the quaterback and his entire family. But what do you know about the pass catcher, David Tyree? If you’re like me, proably not much. That needs to change!
Let me encourage you to take a few minutes to read this piece from The New York Times entitled, “The Super Bowl Spotlight Shines on a Changed Man.”
Just a quick tease from the article —

“What looked to be the lowest point in my life ended up being the greatest
thing that ever happened to me,” Tyree, speaking of his arrest in 2004, said
Saturday morning while sitting at his kitchen table.

From special-teams demon to Super Bowl deity. From moonlighting drug dealer
to born-again Christian. From a child who drank alcohol and smoked marijuana
with his family to a sober father and husband who started his own nonprofit

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