The Storm Front

I spent much of Tuesday night watching weatherman Dave Brown provide weather reports on WMC TV from Memphis. I was just a step or two from the closet I had prepared with pillows and a flashlight. Meanwhile, Lourene was in Memphis with my mother hunkering down while the tornado sirens sounded. We remember all too well the tornadoes of 1999 and 2003 (when a tree crashed through our roof).

I could tell from the amazing radar images on television when the storm passed across I-40 and headed toward north Jackson. On the one hand I was relieved that it was not heading my way. On the other hand I realized it was headed toward Union University.

By now you have may have seen pictures of the Union University campus. The word is, “devastation.” I am both amazed and thankful no one was killed. How everyone got out alive is nothing short of miraculous.

Please pray for our community as we pull together to rebuild.

You can read The Jackson Sun’s coverage and see several photo galleries here.

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