You Can’t Trust Nobody, part 2

Below is the conclusion of the recent episode that took place in my office. Thanks to all who have emailed or talked to me about what you would say to her. In case you missed it, the first part of the story is here.

Her rocking motion slowed down and her tears began to flow.

Maybe I have seen someone in more pain, but I honestly can’t remember when. Her sobbing was accompanied by these loud, from-the-gut groans. For a long while she spoke no words. She just rocked back and forth, making these painful sounds unlike anything I have ever heard a human being make.

When finally she spoke again, she repeated words of despair that I will never forget.

“You can’t trust nobody. You just can’t trust nobody. You can’t trust nobody.”

Before she left my office, I assured this precious woman that God loved her, wanted her to have life, and could use all that she had gone through to help her become a stronger person who was able to help others. “Even if you don’t trust anybody else, you can trust God,” I assured her.

After I prayed with her she spoke words that have been bouncing around in my heart ever since: “God is all I got, but He’s enough.” She’s absolutely right. I thank God for reminding me through this most unlikely source that He is more than enough for me. As we remember and celebrate the coming of God in the flesh, let’s remember that even if He is all we have, He’s enough.

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