At the Movies

I wish more attention were being given to the movie Bella. I’m not sure this movie has even played in Jackson or if it ever will. That’s too bad. I will restrain myself at this point from ranting about how we need some decent movie theaters in Jackson. Don’t get me started! I enjoyed reading a recent article in which the star of Bella talks about his faith.

Not much is being written about Bella, in part because so much is being written about The Golden Compass. I guess my reaction to The Golden Compass controversy is much like my resonse in years past to other movies. Let’s not forget — it’s fiction we’re talking about!

Second, I wonder why some are surprised when Hollywood produces a movie that is antagonistic to Christianity. Let’s not forget — it’s Hollywood we’re talking about! Our surprise should come when a good movie like Bella is produced!

I have not seen The Golden Compass, so I can’t really give my opinion about it. However, should you want to know more about the movie, you might find the following links useful.

Edward Fudge’s GracEmail included a review of the books on which The Golden Compass was based. What makes this review most interesting is that it was written by a 14 year old home-schooled student.

Here are some movie reviews, all of which are written by people whose perspective includes faith.

The Looking Closer Journal by Jeffrey Overstreet

Christianity Today by Peter Chattaway

Plugged In Online

Crosswalk by Eric Rice

Past the Popcorn by Greg Wright

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