Memphis Marathon

Saturday is the day I have been waiting for for a year — another shot at the half-marathon in Memphis. I have run over 120 miles in the last 3 weeks to get ready. My feet are beaten-up and aching but I can’t wait to get started (or really, I can’t wait to finish!).

The 13.1 mile course will take me by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Mississippi River, Beale Street, Sun Studio, the National Civil Rights Museum, and a number of other places that trigger memories from my childhood. The finish line is in AutoZone Park, home of the AAA Memphis Redbirds.

The event is a fund-raiser for St. Jude. Around 5,500 runners are expected for the half-marathon with a couple thousand more in the marathon. Last year some of the patients were outside the hospital in wheel chairs watching the race and cheering on the runners.

Last week I found a solution for the problem of my glasses fogging up while running. I can tell you this stuff works! If I could only find a solution for the weather. Last year at start time the temperature was labout 18 degrees — this year it could be near 50. I much prefer colder weather for running. Well, at least it is not supposed to rain, at least according to the latest forecast I have seen.

Several have asked me about my goal for the race. That’s simple, I just want to finish, and have fun doing it!

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