The Malibu Fire

Since 1987 I have enjoyed attending the annual Bible Lectures at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. When you live in Malibu you realize there is always the danger of earthquakes and in dry years there is always the danger of wildfires. In the past couple of days the fires have raged in and around Malibu. The link above takes you to a gallery of photos of the destruction in the area. Hundreds of firefighters are risking their lives to contain the fires. A number of homes have already been destroyed. The fires have already destroyed the landmark castle that stood between Pepperdine to the north and the Serra Retreat Center to the south. The Pepperdine campus was evacuated yesterday. Classes are not meeting today. Hopefully the fires will be contained. This photo I found on flickr shows how close the fire has been to the campus — the cross in this photo is at one of the campus entrances. Again, check the link above to see a large gallery of photos.

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